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State of Wikipedia

from : http://jess3.com/the-state-of-wikipedia/ (check the link for additional goodness)


8bitlibrary.com reports that their American Library Association interest group, on Comics and Graphic Novels, has taken off. I’m no longer an ALA member (AALL and SLA fit my needs) but this is great news for the medium and for librarians.




I Love this site.

Aliens in the Library

On Blogging

A New Year’s resolution to blog more is a worthy goal. Whether it be to document your life, adventures, movies, or new socks, blogging remains a way to challenge one’s writing abilities, take part in online social activity, and even learn more about yourself.  This post isn’t admitting to any NYE resolutions. However, you can find regular library postings at [LLOPSCited] (I contribute there as well).

If you don’t have a blog or blog irregularly, I recommend taking a stab at web-based composition. It offers a nice way to look back throughout the years, see where you have been, and see where you may go. In comparison to social networks, blogs offer linearity and depth. The blog post is central to the viewer, not surrounded by other tweets or Facebook messages. I wish more of my friends blogged, it would allow me to know them better, rather than through the quick and sometimes impersonal Facebook post.

Blogging can become tedious and in some cases feel like work. To not admit the negatives would be to lie. Twitter is simple and in many cases more appropriate. Like all things on the web, blogging is changing/evolving. It needs to meet your needs and your uses. If it’s been awhile since you’ve last blogged or you have never blogged, give it a try, see where it leads.

Kid President

Check out the winning art work for the kids.gov poster contest: “How Do I Become President?”:  rad design, classic coloring (check out the race yellow numbers!), and seamless information presentation. Odd though, where is the ballot-fixing, gerrymandering, court manipulation, corporate back-door policy, and oodles of campaign dollars?Yet the winner, David, did get #2 perfectly: “I promise”….


[via Gov Gab]