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8bitlibrary.com reports that their American Library Association interest group, on Comics and Graphic Novels, has taken off. I’m no longer an ALA member (AALL and SLA fit my needs) but this is great news for the medium and for librarians.


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I Love this site.

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Aliens in the Library

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Stop Thief!

A complete nutter out of Alabama has reportedly been jailed and fined for stealing over $5,000 in library books [ai.com], The Anniston Star :

“Titles of the books police and library officials say Smith stole include the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer, the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella, The Art of Brazilian Cookery, by Dolores Botafogo, and a number of murder mysteries.”

This makes absolutely no sense (not the titles but the act itself). It doesn’t sound like she was turning the books around to make a profit but keeping them for her own collection.  And I wonder if she removed the library labels or kept them.  Will her library rights be revoked for life? A library thief leaves me with so many questions. At any rate though, stealing from the library is as bad as stealing from your own grandmother and/or drinking unicorn’s blood.

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My favorite news database is PressDisplay. More than likely you have free access with your library card. Check out your public library website list of databases or call your local librarian.

PressDisplay touts itself with:

Over 1,000 U.S. and international newspapers in 40 languages. Newspapers are available in full-color, full-page format with a 60-day archive.

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The FTC has released a report detailing an invasion of privacy by Sears. In short, Sears enticed users with $10 in order to have them downloaded software to assist in consumer research. This software then collected an insane amount of web-surfing data. [via LibraryLaw Blog]

Sears now has to cease the operation and delete all collected data. I wonder if lawsuits are on the horizon or if the agreement keeps Sears safe. For the most part, no one reads software license agreements (not that most of us could make sense of the legalese anyway). Either Sears really gets the Internet and how to manipulate it or they are a bunch of goombas. At any rate, users need to be better educated on WWWdangers, especially potential offers from “trusted” companies.

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Ancient Section

If he is not an ancient historian, good luck reading it.

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