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The dissolution of a library often leads one into the deepest pits of archives, storage, offices, and the back of file cabinets. Hidden in the recesses of one of these cavities was a California Continuing Education of the Bar floppy diskette: Marital Termination Agreements.

Now where did I put that old 486 PC and my copy of WordPerfect? Here’s a bonus, care instructions.

If this were a copy of the original Oregon Trail, then I’d see about finding a machine to run it on.


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I’m not sure how anyone is still falling for the old: “I got oodles of cash in a secret treasure trove, you just need to help me get it!” scam.  The California Continuing Education of the Bar has a blog post with news on scammers going after attorneys.  Scoundrels and con-artists are a breed best handled with facts. They use the dark side and greed to convince a party that easy money is on the horizon.  If the  scammed had consulted librarians (i.e. Jedis in this case), in verifying the legitimacy of the initial e-mail & all contact, perhaps all could have been avoided. Librarians are pretty could at seeing through the veil of deception and inaccuracies.

Check out those commander effects; I imagine in the real world, if a lawyer is within 6 feet of a librarian they gain +2 to wisdom and intelligence!

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