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Normally local commercials are the absolute worse. It doesn’t matter what town you live in there stands to exist a surplus of annoying lawyers, used car sales-men, wannabe news anchors, etc. Syracuse like Las Vegas had the annoying lawyer and goofy news commercials, but I think Vegas was worse in those regards; yet Syracuse has a used car salesman that cannot be beat in terms of inane obnoxiousness:


It is so horrendous, that there are spoofs:



Now I am in Sacramento, CA and find that the local commercials are not annoying! Hell, I haven’t seen one lawyer commercial! To top it off the local commercials I do catch are funny, caring, meaningful, etc. For example Kaiser Permanente is a health insurance company that I happen to have. I saw this commercial during the Olympics and enjoyed it immensely:


In most circumstances, I can’t stand kids in commercials and how directors make them act. Especially those lame AIG commercials where kids use highfalutin jargon as if they were savvy cut-throat business people. Just thinking about it makes me angry and never wanting to let AIG handly my finances. However, this Kaiser commercial redeems little kids in commercials. This kid doesn’t try to use fancy words to elevate his point, he just acts like a kid, and in doing so isn’t as healthy as he could be or will be in the future. It is just a plain good commercial.


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