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Two years ago I wrote a post on how I decided to pick a blackberry curve over the iPhone. I’ve lived in regret ever since. My friends who have had their iPhones the last two years remain happy (At&T issues aside) and are certainly ready for the next iteration. Moreover, the old iPhone remains in constant comparison to mobiles currently being released and even those in prototype phases. Any phone worth its mettle looks like an iPhone and offers functionality that Apple popularized and nearly perfected.

I went with the blackberry and it has been problematic (T-Mobile issues aside). Within the last year the phone has proved sluggish, unreliable, and in varied states of freezing. Hardly a day goes by where the curve’s battery isn’t pulled for a hard reset. It’s limited in OS functionality, application availability, web browsing, music or video playing. The curve’s only good use is text related. Twitter is fine and messaging/e-mail is OK. However, it’s a smart-phone and should be able to do a little bit more.  Attempts to perform outside basic text usage proves cumbersome and clunky. I’ve taken a good share of pictures on the device and the Google Maps application has proven useful, perhaps the only two redeeming qualities; yet in this day and age a phone with a usable camera and map isn’t much about which to get excited. Especially when considering the sluggishness that coincides with using any of these features.

All is not lost. Today Apple is holding their World Wide Developers Conference [IGN live blog] and the obvious news being the release of a new iPhone. The standard I hope that they set though will exist in the cloud, leading to seamless integration/syncing of several devices we use everyday: phones, computers, and the web. Mostly though I want a cellphone that can navigate my public library catalog, allowing me to search and request items without problem. The blackberry browser on the curve supports this but it never really works.  Blackberry had their two years and failed, time to move onto a brand that has rarely let me down.


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As mentioned in an earlier post I picked up the Blackberry curve and stuck with Tmobile. Now, September 23rd looks to be their launch date for a stellar 3G phone, running on Google’s cellular operating system Android. What is a tech-nerd to do? I am locked into a 2 year agreement and am no where near contract extension discount time. Moreover, Sacramento is scheduled to get 3G in October. To be honest though my BB Curve is going the distance and making my life much easier: public transit routes, maps for biking, restaurant look ups, AIM, messaging, e-mail, etc. etc.  The operating system though leaves much to be desired as does screen size. Android’s interface and the HTC Dream’s design and functions could make this a real “iphone” killer. I’m not too interested in the latter part, but if it is a solid phone I might have to get my hands on one within a year. Additionally, I have had great experiences and reception with Tmobile. Whereas AT&T has been nothing but a fiasco as of late, even leading to lawsuits.

In the end I did get the BB curve for free and made $50 back. The Dream may run $199 w/2year agreement or extension. Since I’m not in that ballpark it may run over $300-$400. With the 3G roll out, partnership with Google and HTC, Tmobile looks to get into the cellular game with great ferocity. By the time my extension time is near awesome tech. will be had!

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