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It’s not propaganda

If it’s just facts.


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Let’s take librarianship to it’s ultimate conclusion, 2010 year of the Librarian.

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Anatomy of a Library Scene

This comic library scene comes from Comically Vintage and an odd one it is. Evidently, this is an older comic strip however the librarian isn’t a stereotype! He looks like Errol Flynn and is dressed just as dapper. The women yearning for books seem to have no interest in subject matter, author, or title. They simply want books. The question though remains, if they want books of any make and model, why not just go to the shelves? Afterall it’s a library, there are books all around, you don’t have to ask Mr. Flynn. That is unless they are trying to attract the attention of Mr. Flynn. Or perhaps he is guarding all the books; they appear to be kept behind the reference desk. Given the voracity and zombie-like cravings these women exhibit the latter seems a more appropriate explanation!!?

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I’m not sure how anyone is still falling for the old: “I got oodles of cash in a secret treasure trove, you just need to help me get it!” scam.  The California Continuing Education of the Bar has a blog post with news on scammers going after attorneys.  Scoundrels and con-artists are a breed best handled with facts. They use the dark side and greed to convince a party that easy money is on the horizon.  If the  scammed had consulted librarians (i.e. Jedis in this case), in verifying the legitimacy of the initial e-mail & all contact, perhaps all could have been avoided. Librarians are pretty could at seeing through the veil of deception and inaccuracies.

Check out those commander effects; I imagine in the real world, if a lawyer is within 6 feet of a librarian they gain +2 to wisdom and intelligence!

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