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Instant Replay

Major League Baseball has decided to catch up to the latest century and is now allowing limited instant replay. Full report here.

 I like where they are going with this and hope that they really take it all the way. There are so many times when balls are called strikes, a guy is out when he is obviously safe, or a ball touches the ground and isn’t a fly-out, and vice-versa. I wouldn’t mind taking an extra 5-10 minutes after each pitch, swing, hit, catch, run, etc. just to look at the film and take a look. They should also have a professional digital imaging crew that can heighten the footage so the images are clearer and the umps can see a black-color ball bouncing off a white foul line. Sure that may add additional time but it is worth getting right. I would also like instant replay on things like Manny’s hair and making sure it is above his jersey’s numbers. I know Torre would want that too.


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