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Mock Orange

On my trecks to the light rail I’ll normally give Cristina a call or listen to an album. Today I happened to get back to an old time favorite Mock Orange. They are amazing over a speaker system, with headphones, in a car, or live. Their most accessible album is “Mind is Not Brain” however my personal favorite is “Nines and Sixes”. Both albums are loaded with great songs, except that “Mind is not Brain” tapers off a bit at the end; wheras “Nines and Sixes” stays true the whole way. Stylistically they are categorized as “indie-rock” but that could mean anything. Mostly though they are a rock and roll band without fuss or guff (whatever that means).┬áIn all, they are a fun band that can REALLY grow on you.

If you are looking for music that isn’t trying too hard, doesn’t suck, and isn’t full of engineered crap then look into Mock Orange… but don’t take my word for it.

—also there was ONE lady at work who I didn’t think liked me all that much and forced her smiles and hellos. Today I find that she no longer works here. No notice to-boot? Eh, so long. happy Fridays!


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