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This week I have revitalized my enjoyment in all things musical and newsie. Thanks to my new 16gb ipod nano I follow a handful of podcasts: Fresh Air, This American Life, Science Friday, and select sports and nature programs. Additionally, I’ve been listening to my buddy’s, BRR, mixes and what not. I’m in the midst of getting complete discographies together of artists that I already like but want to experience outside of “hits” : The Who, The Kinks, David Bowie, etc. It has also lead me into the realm of listening to live music performances again. This however requires quality speakers or headphones, and volume. So that’s a no go for listening at work.

If you’re looking for an album, check out WorldCat.org – and discover availability at a local library near you. They even offer a mobile phone version; I’ve used it a little bit but feel that you may be better off calling the library if you don’t computer access. If you aren’t on a music kick and would like to get a jump-start, I recommend the Tokyo Police Club album Elephant Shell.

New nano nestled atop Dave Gibbons’ Watching the Watchmen, whilst grooving to BRR’s Electric Freak Out  mix:


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Mock Orange

On my trecks to the light rail I’ll normally give Cristina a call or listen to an album. Today I happened to get back to an old time favorite Mock Orange. They are amazing over a speaker system, with headphones, in a car, or live. Their most accessible album is “Mind is Not Brain” however my personal favorite is “Nines and Sixes”. Both albums are loaded with great songs, except that “Mind is not Brain” tapers off a bit at the end; wheras “Nines and Sixes” stays true the whole way. Stylistically they are categorized as “indie-rock” but that could mean anything. Mostly though they are a rock and roll band without fuss or guff (whatever that means). In all, they are a fun band that can REALLY grow on you.

If you are looking for music that isn’t trying too hard, doesn’t suck, and isn’t full of engineered crap then look into Mock Orange… but don’t take my word for it.

—also there was ONE lady at work who I didn’t think liked me all that much and forced her smiles and hellos. Today I find that she no longer works here. No notice to-boot? Eh, so long. happy Fridays!

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