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Olympic Top Ten

Reuters author Simon Evans has an Olympic top ten list that happens to have some serious deficiency and obviously favors Usain Bolt:


No. 2 mentions that the Phelp’s dream is kept alive in a relay race. However there is no mention of the dream being kept alive when he won an individual race by 1/100th of a second. Or how he ACTUALLY attained the dream and won 8 gold medals. There is no mention of the amazing USA female gymnasts, USA womens softball team loosing to Japan, the Taekwondo Cuban who kicked the referee, US mens and womens track team blowing the relay race, the US mens volleyball team and their coach, or the wrestler who dropped his bronze medal and walked away from it. However, Usain Bolt is given 2 of the top 10. Now I admit his antics are much to speak of, but enough to warrant 2 of the top 10 moments, nonetheless the number one spot? I have to disagree, Phelps has done something that will likely go unchallenged and has reached the pinnacle of Olympic ability. Usain Bolt is the fastest sprinter ever, but his showboating is what makes him more appealing.

And no. 10 really doesn’t belong on the list:

“10) Estonian Gerd Kanter celebrates his discus gold medal by sprinting down the 100 meter track at the Bird’s Nest and mimicking Bolt’s marksman routine. High school jinks in a week when fun was put back into track and field.”

For a better and more concise review of the Olympics see my buddy’s blog:



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