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The Consumerist made a recent post on AT&T spinning their wire-tapping schemes and violations of privacy. Check out this oh so clever advertisement:

The catch phrase “Simplify. Organize. Liberate.” relates to the ease and freedom one gains with Online billing, using the word liberate in the obvious sense of becoming worry-free when it comes to paying bills with electronic automation . However, in a twisted turn America is a liberator of sorts and our own cherished liberty protects us from an oppressive society. Yet, AT&T playing spy games with our phone/cell and Internet lines clearly undercuts liberty. Moving on “Ms. Suspicious Has Nothing to Hide.” This captures the favored argument: if you aren’t guilty then you have nothing to hide. Then it moves on to “Well, she has a little to hide…” And AT&T would know, because they’ve read her e-mail, followed her web patterns, and listened to her phone calls. They know all about Ms. Suspicious and her sticky notes covering the Apple logo. AT&T should go the full nine and advertise themselves as a “big brother” looking out for you!

The last part really tickles my goose, “Online Liberation Movement”. Way to make a joke out of trampling privacy rights and even net neutrality. In the end, God bless online bill bay – freeing us to do more important things in life likeĀ  “[assisting] the government in its secret surveillance of millions of ordinary Americans”. [EFF]

Lastly, I applied for a CIA Librarian job a few weeks ago, not sure if my posts hinder or help my chances, probably the former.


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