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Mets Fans Call for Playoff Bailout

After failing to reach the play-offs and meeting record setting cataclysmic ends two years in a row New York Mets fans have had enough. One such fan, graduate student Daniel Kaplan, has written his local representatives to save the team he loves and had this to say, “I love the Mets and they choked harder than any other team ever, it is only fair that America save us when we are down, I’m just glad the House turned down the first bill, it really gives us time to add some verbiage”. Mets fans hope that The United States Congress can extend a “2008 wild-wild card” to the National League, providing a playoff spot for the Mets. The only question remains, who will they play?

There has been division between some fans. Select die-hards want the Mets to play whomever they can be set up with in the National League, while others are happy that they made the play-offs. Frank Griffiths of Queens states, “It’s enough for me to say, well they made it to the playoffs, last year was real bad, but at least you know they made it this far, they don’t  need to play anyone, we can hold up our heads and say: “We are NL wild-wild card champions.”.”


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