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8bitlibrary.com reports that their American Library Association interest group, on Comics and Graphic Novels, has taken off. I’m no longer an ALA member (AALL and SLA fit my needs) but this is great news for the medium and for librarians.


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It’s all too obvious the economic problems facing public, academic, and other non-profit libraries. Perhaps though a game-changer in this monetary mess exists. Taking a page from advertising schemes of Nike, Gatorade, and the like libraries could look to celebrities. Bare with me; recently Conan O’Brien has been selected to serve on the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation board members [Boston Herald]. El Conando is from the Boston  area and like other celebrities gives back to the community when possible. There are local heroes and celebrities from all over our great nation who can be recruited into the library rank and file. Their clout  amongst the pushers/movers/shakers and the community would lead to voter support, large donations, increased library usage, etc.

While the American Library Association puts out memorable posters with various celebrities [ALA READ], what I’m suggesting is something more involved. One that involves upper management, board members, and the community to get out of the library/office and work with known local names, be they within the city, county, state, or region. This call to action is more along the lines of ALA’s Frontline Advocacy endeavors [ALA Frontline Advocacy]. Plus I think it would be something crazy/cool if Christopher Walken or Steve Buscemi became the face of any library organization.

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