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Graduating from UNLV immediately lead to Syracuse University, as heading to library school was always my plan. Anything after that remained open and still does. Librarianship presents opportunities and changes in the least likely of ways and places. The courses I took, the internships I held, and the employers I’ve served have been eye-opening and challenging. My range of experience and education remains cemented by dedication to library communities. My communities have been the public, attorneys, faculty, and students. The location has been in academic, public, and private law libraries. The last two years my service has been to my law firm, the staff, and our attorneys. It’s been a tremendous two years in which I grew from recent graduate to experienced legal librarian.

Unfortunately, the good words of George Harrison mark an occasion: “all things must pass” / I’m getting laid-off. The law firm for whom I work is dissolving. These turn of events are marked with sadness, the firm has a rich history in Sacramento of over 50 years and is the 2nd largest Sacramento based firm. The employees cherished the work culture that was often more akin to a family. Certainly it’s a sad loss for Sacramento and a great loss for the staff and attorneys.  However, the opportunity to find new challenges and accomplish a new set of goals is nothing at which to scoff.  I anticipate the changes and my continued progress/development. The objective though is always the same: to serve library communities.


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My new city, Sacramento, is one that I have mildly explored, though enjoying what I have traversed.  I move into my new place next week and will tie myself to public transportation, bike, and feet. I’ll be close to downtown and in the midtown area. There are a number of blogs and websites dedicated to Sacramento and midtown, providing for a sense of community and development that certainly isn’t accessible in Vegas. Locals tended to complain (with good reason), the root of all things in Vegas is money, couple that with traffic and bad public transportation- and you have a 3 pitch strikeout. That isn’t to say Sacramento is without it’s share of problems. However, it is an older city and offers a greater variety of options; after all it’s not in an isolated desert arena.

The law firm has been amazing and my experience in librarianship is multiplying. I hope to visit some of the local, state, and academic libraries shortly. However, moving and working is keeping me pretty busy at this point. Community events occur on a near constant basis, and once I’m settled I’ll have a lot in which to look forward. Including, in the vein of my ol’ buddy, I plan on checking out the a couple of breweries and to note, Rubicon Brewing.

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