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Google has released their own web browser- Chrome. Unfortunately, a Mac version isn’t out yet but it shouldn’t be too long. Luckily, my Macbook has windows installed on it so I might check it out, but I don’t enjoy running windows outside of work.

After reading through the comic and looking at some of the videos, I am happy to see a major instability issue addressed. So often, I have been browsing and working within multiple web tabs and windows. Only to see it crash if one website presents a problem. A temporary fix was a Mac program, Prism, however it required my making a new icon and seperate launcher for each site. Chrome seeks to separate the operations, allowing one site to crash and not the entire program. As it stands I have had some major and continual issues with Firefox 3. The results being, in short, crashing. Having the options of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari for browsing is most welcome, especially as sites operate oddly in differing browsers.


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